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Places in Liverpool associated with the Beatles
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Liverpool is the city where the members of the Beatles grew up and established themselves. Many of their songs were influenced by the city. This page will help you to visit places in Liverpool which are associated with the Beatles.

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The Beatles' Liverpool
Author: Ron Jones
Publisher: Ron Jones Associates
Date: July 2000

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In Liverpool's historic Albert Dock (on Gower Street) you can visit an award-winning museum called The Beatles Story. Here you can relive the story of the group and its music.

(c) The Beatles Story
(c) The Beatles Story

(c) The Beatles Story
White room
and jacket
(c) The Beatles Story
George Harrison's
(c) The Beatles Story
Lenses used by
John Lennon

(c) The Beatles Story
Entrance to one of the
(c) The Beatles Story
Reconstruction of entrance to
the Star Club, Hamburg

For further details about the museum, including opening times and entrance prices, see:

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Before they became famous, the Beatles often played live at the Cavern Club in Mathew Street. Although the original club has been replaced by a supermarket (a statue of John Lennon has been put up close to the original entrance), the original bricks were taken and used to create a copy which can be seen today. Mathew Street remains a lively road full of pubs and clubs. There are several statues of the Beatles in the area. There is a statue of John Lennon at the Cavern Pub (see below). You can also see a bronze statue with the title "Four lads who shook the world" - Mother Liverpool is holding three babies (John, George and Ringo), while the fourth (Paul) has grown wings and flown away (he created a group called Wings after the Beatles). On the "Wall of Fame" in Mathew Street are a set of gold discs: one for each "number 1" record from a Liverpool performer.

The Cavern

Statue of John above the
Cavern Pub, Mathew St

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In honour of the Beatles song and film called "Yellow Submarine", a yellow submarine was built at Cammell Laird Shipbuilding Yard on the Mersey. This formed part of the Liverpool International Garden Festival in 1984 in Otterspool. Liverpool Council moved the submarine to the city centre (in Chevasse Park, next to Strand Street) in August 2000.

There is a statue of Eleanor Rigby in Stanley Street, dedicated to "All the lonely people ..." (words taken from the song). The statue was created in 1982.

Yellow submarine

Statue of Eleanor Rigby


Cavern City Tours are the owners of The Cavern Club and organise two major festivals each year: the Beatles Festival (which includes concerts by Beatles imitation groups from around the world) and the Mathew Street Festival. A Magical Mystery Tour Bus. For details, see:

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You can take a "Magical Mystery Tour" with a Beatles Guide to Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and other Beatles sites. See:

A tour guide on the
Magical Mystery Tour

Penny Lane: the original painted
street name, and the modern sign

Strawberry Field: like John Lennon did in his song,
someone has added an "s" at the end of the name

John Lennon originally lived on a street called Newcastle Road close to Penny Lane. Between the ages of 5 and 23 he lived in Mendips, the house owned by his aunt (Aunt Mimi) at 251 Menlove Avenue, Woolton (a suburb of Liverpool). Yoko Ono bought the house in 2002 and donated it to the National Trust.

John Lennon (bust in
the Beatles Story museum)

251 Menlove Avenue:
John lived here with his aunt

Blue plaque
at John's
former home

Paul McCartney lived at 20 Forthlin Road, Allerton (a suburb of Liverpool). This is also owned by the National Trust.

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Tours to the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney (Mendips and 20 Forthlin Road):
Hard Day's Night Hotel (due to open autumn 2007):
Further information about the Beatles in Liverpool:

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