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Berlin's viewing points
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This page introduces some of the places you can go to enjoy the best views of Berlin. Most tourists visit at least one of these during their stay here.

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REICHSTAG (Parliament Building)

The Reichstag building was used by the elected German government between 1894 and 1933, but was badly damaged by fire shortly before Hitler took power.

In 1991, two years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was decided that the Parliament for the reunified Germany (known as the German Bundestag) should move from Bonn to Berlin. The building was restored and the Bundestag moved here in 1999. The renovation was designed by the British architect Sir Norman Foster. A large glass dome was added on top of the building. You can go there for free, but first you must queue outside the Reichstag and go through security checks: it may take an hour or more until you can enter. A lift takes you up to the ceiling, and you can then follow a spiral path up to the top, enjoying the views along the way.

Visitors read about the history
before a circular walk to the top

The centre of the dome
looks down on the German parliament

View towards the Fernsehturm (television tower)

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SIEGESSÄULE (Victory Column)

The Siegessaule ("Victory Column") was built to celebrate victories by the Prussian army, who defaeted the Danish, Austrian and French armies in 1864-71. The golden statue at the top is called "Goldelse" and is a symbol of victory. The column was moved to its current location by the Nazis: it was originally next to the Reichstag. For a small charge you can climb the narrow staircase to a viewing platform just below the statue.

Wings Of Desire [1987]
Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Date: February 2003

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FERNSEHTURM (Television Tower)

The Fernsehturm ("television tower") is 365m high: the second-tallest building in Europe, after Warsaw's Palace of Culture (the Eiffel Tower is 321m high). It was built in 1969. It is located next to the U-bahn station Alexanderplatz. You may need to queue before you can get to the viewing platform, because the lifts are quite small. There is a revolving cafe which rotates once in about 30 minutes.

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* Visitor information
Fernsehturm (television tower):

* More photos
360 degree panoramic picture of the Bundestag:

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