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Trips to Christmas markets from London
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Ideas / Album / Christmas Lights 2003
Christmas Lights in London in 2003

2003 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Regent Street

The stage is set up - at the junction between Regent Street and New Burlington Street.



The traffic is stopped and a crowd of 10,000 people gathers on Regent Street.

Let us introduce the official guests: the Mayoress, Town Crier ... and Pudsey, the Children In Need bear!

Mayoress of Westminster

Town Crier


Support Children In Need by buying the special products from the BBC Shop

D-Side - a popular Irish boy band - warm up the crowd.

Real World (CD single)
Artist: D-Side
Label: Island
Date: 24 November, 2003

Speechless (CD single)
Artist: D-Side
Label: Wea
Date: April 2003
      Invisible (CD single)
Artist: D-Side
Label: Wea
Date: July, 2003

And now for something different: Amici Forever - the world's first opera band.

The Opera Band (CD album)
Artist: Amici Forever
Label: Victor
Date: September 2003


The presenters of Blue Peter (a popular children's TV programme) appear on stage.
The young winner of their competition will help Daniel Bedingfield to turn on the lights.

Daniel Bedingfield is the star act at the 2003 lights ceremony.

If You're Not The One (CD single)
Artist: Daniel Bedingfield; Label: Polydor
Date: November 2002
For lyrics see: Britain/Music/Lyrics/2002Q4

Gotta Get Thru This (CD album)
Artist: Daniel Bedingfield; Label: Polydor
Date: March 2003

Never Gonna Leave Your Side (CD single)
Artist: Daniel Bedingfield; Label: Polydor
Release date: 21 July 2003
For lyrics see: Britain/Music/Lyrics/2003Q3


It's time for the big moment, live on BBC London ...

... turn on the lights boys!

Paper snow bursts out ...

... and the Christmas lights illuminate!

Um .... where are the Christmas lights?

What shall we do?

Daniel suggests singing a song ...

... then time to try again ...

... that's more like it!

The turning on of the lights in Regent Street marks the beginning of the Christmas season in London, so:
Happy Christmas!

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2003 CHRISTMAS LIGHTS: Other London streets

Photos of some other Christmas lights in London in 2003

Oxford Street

Bond Street

St Christopher's Place

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