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Ideas / Album / Russian Winter Festival 2006
The 2006 Russian Winter Festival in Trafalgar Square, London


A few days before the Russian Winter Festival an ice sculpture of St. Basil's Cathedral (located in Red Square, Moscow) was unveiled in Trafalgar Square. This was made by four Russian ice sculptors using 12 tonnes of ice. An ice sculpture of Big Ben was created in Moscow at the same time.

Ice sculpture of St Basil's Cathedral
- temporarily displayed in Trafalgar Square


The main presenter in Trafalgar Square was Sadie Nine from the radio station BBC London (FM 94.9). She is a Londoner who used to be a star performer in Russia. The was accompanied by her dog "Madam". She introduced the first act on stage: the Moscow State Children's Puppet Theatre. This was followed by several other performances by children, sponsored by Moscow City Government.

Ergyron is an ensemble from Chukotka (north-east Russia) performing traditional song and dance in local costumes.

Yarmarka is an ensemble created from performers from across the Russian Federation. It features eight vocalists, eight dancers and six musicians.

Malenkiy Jigit is a prize-winning group of young folk dancers from the republic of Ossetia.

There was a Fashion Show, organised by Russian Silhouette, showing work by the designer Lyudmila Pershina.

Natisk is a popular Russian hard rock band, formed in 1999.

Iosif Kobzon is known as Russia's Frank Sinatra.

Nadezhda Kadysheva is a Russian folk artist. She performed with Zolotoye Koltso (Golden Ring) - an ensemble which she created in 1989.

Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, was joined on stage by Yuri Luzhkov, the Mayor of Moscow. After they gave short speeches, the Kremlin Guard appeared on stage in their ceremonial uniforms. They are Russia's equivalent of the Household Guard, responsible for gurading the Kremlin and the Russian President.

The Russian Winter Festival celebrates the Russian Old New Year. This is the date in January when the New Year was celebrated before the Russian Revolution in 1917 (the Julian calendar was used at that time). Following a slide show of images from Moscow, there was a laser countdown and the sound of the bells of St Basil's Cathedral before snow came down and the crowd celebrated the new year.

DDT is a famous Russian rock band which has been playing since the 1980's. The lead singer and songwriter is Yuri Shevchuk.

Brothers Grim were the next band on stage. This band was formed by two brothers, Boris and Konstantin, and recently had a number one record in Russia

Ivan Kupala
were the final act, performing ethnic music in a modern style.

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