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Things to do in the UK in March 2015

MARCH 2015

March is the start of spring. Days are getting longer and warmer, and daffodils and other flowers are starting to bloom. You may be able to see something of Welsh and Irish culture this month, as each country celebrate its patron saint (Wales: St David, Ireland: St Patrick). Rugby's "Six Nations Championship" (between England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy) continues, with the final games this month. "Summer time" starts at the end of March: you must remember to change your watches and clocks. On Mother's Day people in the UK treat their mothers. If you plan to go to the major summer outdoor rock festivals, now is the time that many of the tickets start to go on sale.

Sun 1 Mar 2015 St David's Day, Wales
Saint David's Day is the traditional day for Welsh people. Saint David is the "patron saint" of Wales. He was a member of the Celtic church and died on 1st March 589 A.D. There will be events in many towns in Wales, and Welsh communities in other parts of the UK will also gather together in pubs, churches or other places. There is a parade in Cardiff:
For more details, see:'s_Day.
* Basic introduction to Wales: Britain/Countries/Wales
* Photos of Wales: Travel/Tours/Wales

in bloom

St David's Day:
Traditional Welsh dress

Sun 1 Mar 2015 TNT Magazine Travel Show, London
Fair in the Business Design Centre in Islington (nearest Tube: Angel) providing information to people who want to travel in the UK, Europe or around the world. You can visit the stalls of tour and travel companies (some offer competitions or special discounts), and you can attend seminars on a variety of travel-related topics. For details, see:
* Information about travel in/from the UK: Travel/Tours

Thu 5 Mar -
Sun 8 Mar 2015
Crufts, Birmingham
A famous annual British dog show which started in 1928. It is held at the NEC in Birmingham (nearest train station: Birmingham International). The "Best in Show" award is presented on the final day (Sunday). See:
* Photos from this event: Ideas/Album/Crufts

(c) The Kennel Club
Crufts dog show
(c) The Kennel Club
Best In Show

Sun 8 Mar 2015 International Women's Day, worldwide
International Women's Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future.
There are many related events in the UK, including the Women of the World festival at the Southbank Centre in London:

Mon 9 Mar 2015 Commonwealth Day, UK & other Commonwealth countries
Commonwealth Day is an annual event (on the second Monday of March) during which all the member countries of the Commonwealth celebrate their links with one another. People use the day to promote understanding about global issues, international co-operation and the work of the modern Commonwealth. Each year there is a different theme. There is a special multi-faith service in Westminster Abbey, usually attended by the Queen.

Tue 10 Mar -
Wed 11 Mar 2015
Champions League Football
Second leg matches from the round of 16 stage of the Champions League
The following match is shown live on ITV1: Tuesday 10 Mar: Real Madrid v Schalke
For further information, see: or
* Football: Life/Sport/Football

Tue 10 Mar -
Fri 13 Mar 2015
Cheltenham Festival, Cheltenham
One of the main horse racing events of the year, taking place in Cheltenham (in Gloucestershire, part of the Cotswolds). This is jump racing (over fences), with many top British and Irish horses competing. The most important race is the Gold Cup on Friday. See:
* Horse racing in the UK: Life/Sport/Horse

Cheltenham Festival

Fri 13 Mar 2015 Red Nose Day, UK
There are fun events across the UK to raise money for Comic Relief, which supports UK and African charities. Some of the ways you can help are by giving a donation at the counter of any bank or building society, by buying Comic Relief products such as a red nose or the Comic Relief record, or by taking part in or organising a fund-raising event. The first Red Nose Day was in 1988; from 1989 it was decided to do it once every two years. A fund-raising programme will be shown on BBC television throughout the evening. For full details about the event and to make a donation, see:
* Photos of a fun run on a previous Red Nose Day: Ideas/Album/RedNoseDay1 and Ideas/Album/RedNoseDay2

Red Nose Day (2013)

Red noses from 2013

Sat 14 Mar -
Sun 15 Mar 2015
Six Nations Championship, UK/France/Italy
International rugby competition (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy). See:
This weekend's games are (UK kick-off times are shown):
Saturday: 2:30pm Wales vs Ireland ; 5:00pm England vs Scotland
Sunday: 3:00pm Italy vs France
* Rugby in the UK: Life/Sport/Rugby
* Photos from a visit to a Six Nations game: Ideas/Album/SixNations

St Patrick's Day is on 17th March and is celebrated either on this day (or on one of the nearest weekends) not only in Ireland but also in London, New York and in other cities with a large Irish expatriate community. Saint Patrick was born in north England or southern Scotland at the time when the country was occupied by the Romans. He was captured and made into a slave, and was taken to Ireland, where he worked as a shepherd. He escaped on a boat, but later came back to Ireland and worked to convert the Irish people to become Christians (previously the main religion was paganism). Saint Patrick died on 17th March 461 AD, and has become the "patron saint" of Ireland. For details of St Patrick's Day celebrations in Dublin, see:

Sun 15 Mar 2015 London St Patrick's Day Festival, London
A celebration of Irish culture in London, usually on the Sunday nearest to St Patrick's Day (17 March).
There is a parade starting at 12 noon which passes down Piccadilly, Regent Street and past Trafalgar Square before finishing in Whitehall Place
There is also a festival of music and cultural performances in Trafalgar Square.
To check full details of this year's event, see:
[Some other places where St Patrick's Day is often celebrated in London include the Irish Cultural Centre and London Irish Centre]
* Photos from this event: Ideas/Album/StPatricksDay

St Patrick's Day

Sun 15 Mar 2015 Mother's Day (also called "Mothering Sunday"), UK
A time for people living in the UK to think about their mothers. People often give flowers or chocolates or organise a special day out for their mothers at this time, and may send a special "Mother's Day" card. Note that Mother's Day is celebrated on a different date outside the UK. The UK date is the fourth Sunday of Lent.
* Ideas for Mother's Day presents: Ideas/Gifts/MothersDay

Mon 16 Mar -
Sun 22 Mar 2015
Shakespeare Week, UK
A series of local events to encourage primary school children in the UK to engage in creative and cultural learning experiences connected with Shakespeare.
For further information, see:

Wed 16 Mar -
Fri 18 Mar 2015
UCAS Higher Education Convention, London
A free education fair in London for people who are thinking of applying for a course at a British university or college. You can pick up the prospectus and ask questions, and attend short talks about university life (book a ticket for the ones you want soon after you have arrived). There are similar fairs in other cities in the UK on different dates, organised by UCAS. For details, see:

Tue 17 Mar -
Wed 18 Mar 2015
Champions League Football
Second leg matches from the round of 16 stage of the Champions League
The following match is shown live on ITV1: Tuesday 17 Mar: Monaco v Arsenal
For further information, see: or
* Football: Life/Sport/Football

Wed 18 Mar -
Sun 22 Mar 2015
Country Living Fair (Spring), London
British crafts and small businesses display their products. A good place to find unusual gifts. There is an entrance charge. The event is held at the Business Design Centre in London (near Angel underground station; map). For details, or to buy tickets in advance, see:

Thu 19 Mar -
Sun 29 Mar 2015
BFI Flare: London LGBT Film Festival, London
A festival of gay and lesbian films, shown at the BFI Southbank in London. For details, see:
* Information for lesbians in the UK: Personal/Relationships/Lesbian
* Information for gay men in the UK: Personal/Relationships/Gay
* British films: Britain/Films

Fri 20 Mar -
Mon 6 Apr 2015
Ideal Home Show, London
The Ideal Home Show is an annual exhibition about home improvement. For more information, see:

Fri 20 Mar 2015 Spring Equinox, UK
The day and night are each 12 hours (this is known as the spring or vernal "equinox"). Pagans celebrate this natural event.
For example, in London members of the Druid Order process along Byward Street to Tower Hill Terrace and perform a short ceremony:

Sat 21 Mar 2015 Six Nations Championship, UK/France/Italy
Final day of the international rugby competition (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France, Italy). See:
The games are (UK kick-off times shown): 12:30pm Italy vs Wales ; 2:30pm Scotland vs Ireland; 5:00pm England vs France
* Rugby in the UK: Life/Sport/Rugby
* Photos from a visit to a Six Nations game: Ideas/Album/SixNations

Final matches of the Six Nations competition

Sat 28 Mar /
Sun 29 Mar 2015
British Summer Time (BST) starts, UK
If you are in the UK, change all clocks forward 1 hour. You lose one hour's sleep. The time change is actually during the night: at 1am on Sunday morning the time is changed to 2am. Before going to bed you should change at least your watch and alarm clock, and the clock for your heating system - you can make other changes on Sunday morning if you prefer. Note that some computers and electronic equipment automatically change their clocks during the night. Mornings become darker, and afternoons/evenings brighter. If you are calling abroad note that the time difference may have changed (for example: Japan/Korea change from 9 hours ahead of the UK to 8 hours ahead). For the next 6 months the time in the UK is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1). When you change your clocks, you can check the exact time from the speaking clock by phoning 123. Do not always believe the clocks which you may see in public places - sometimes there is a delay before they are changed. More information is available on the website:

Sun 29 Mar 2015 Head of the River Race, London
A boat race on the river Thames in London for "eights", which each have eight people who row and one person (the "cox") who directs the boat. There are several hundred boats competing, setting off at 10-second intervals (the strongest teams row first), and the times to finish the course are recorded. In 2015 it is expected to start at 12 noon and end at about 1:30pm; the fastest boats can complete the 4.25 mile (7 kilometre) course in about 20 minutes. The race starts at Chiswick Bridge and ends at Putney Bridge. You can watch it from any accessible point along the river, but the best views are probably on the east bank of the Thames (the side which is in Surrey) just north of Chiswick Bridge (near the railway station Mortlake; see: map). Poor weather or strong winds or tides may stop the race, so check before on the website:

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