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Travel / Accommodation / Hostel / Ashlee House
Stay at the Ashlee House hostel in London
  Cost / how to book
  Description of hostel
  Practical details
  Travelling from a London airport
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If you are looking for cheap short-stay accommodation in central London, one idea is to stay at the Ashlee House hostel (shown in the picture below). This page introduces the hostel, and the practical details which might make your stay there more comfortable.

Click on this link for a: location map of Ashlee House.

Some reasons you may want to consider staying here are:

- A friendly atmosphere. The guests come from many different countries.
- Rooms are cheap. Quote "UK Student Life" when you make your booking.
- It is easy to travel there from the main London airports. You shouldn't need a taxi, even if you have big luggage.
- The location is in central London (it is in "zone 1").
- Bus, underground and train connections are excellent - it is an ideal place from which to go sightseeing
- A good base from where you can look for long-term accommodation in London. Ask the staff for advice.
- Internet access within the hostel.
- Special information sheets are available from reception for Japanese and Korean visitors.

More details are shown below.

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To check prices and to book, click: here.
For a step-by-step guide to booking a bed at this hostel, see: Shop/Company/BookHostels

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Reception desk
The reception area is in front of you when you enter the hostel.
Show proof of your identity and booking details, if you have booked in advance.
You will be given sheets for your bed. You can hire a towel if you want.

Reception area
Luggage storage / safety box
Bags can be kept in a storage area on the left-hand side.
Ask the receptionist for the key. Return the key as soon as you have finished.
There is also a safe box in which you can store valuables (ask the receptionist).


Most beds are in dormitories with between 8 and 16 beds. There are a few rooms with 1, 2 or 4 beds (book early if you want one of these).
Sometimes both men and woman stay in the same room. If you prefer to be in a room with only men or only women, say this when you book.
Grays Inn Road is quite a busy road. If the noise of traffic disturbs you, ask for a bed in a room away from the road.
You need a security code to enter the room, but there are no lockers in the rooms.

Kitchen: food preparation area
There are separate bathrooms for men and women, with showers, toilets.and washbasins.
There are no electric points in the shower rooms / toilets or bedrooms (you will not be able to use electric hairdryers or shavers).


There is a self-catering kitchen in the basement.
There is a microwave oven, some electric cooking rings and a fridge.
There are also plates, mugs, pans, knives, forks and spoons.
Wash up what you use as soon as you have finished with them.

Kitchen: eating area
Continental breakfast (toast, cereal and a drink) is served each morning. There is no extra charge for this.

Lunch / evening meal
No meals except breakfast are provided. The cheapest way of eating lunch or supper is to buy some food from the nearest big supermarket (see below) and prepare this in the kitchen. Alternatively, there are many places to eat in the local area or around China Town (near Leicester Square).

In the basement there is a lounge where you can sit and chat with other guests. This is the only part of the hostel where smoking is allowed.

Washing clothes

There is a coin-operated washing machine and clothes drier in a room opposite the lounge. You can buy washing powder from the receptionist.

Table football
Entertainment in the hostel
There is a TV in the kitchen.
A coin-operated table football game is available near the lounge.
Soft drinks can be bought from a vending machine

London information
Information about things to do in London is on the noticeboards and in the reception area.
If you need some help, ask a member of staff or talk with the other guests.
London bus and street maps are sold at the reception desk.
You can also check for special events at: Ideas/Events

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Hostel entry

Room entry
Hostel entry
When you first go to the hostel, press the buzzer and wait to be let in by the receptionist.

Hostel re-entry
You can re-enter the hostel at any time (there is no curfew). Enter a three-digit number into the keypad outside the entrance. The number changes every day at 10am, so remember to ask the receptionist each day for the number.

Room entry
To enter your room, you will need to enter a six-character code which is given to you when you register. Remember to carry the number with you when you leave the room.

Contacting home

Internet cafe
There are three computer terminals in the basement. Buy a ticket from the reception desk (1 pound for 1 hour, or 50 pence for 20 minutes). The computer has Messenger software (for MSN, Yahoo or AOL). You can use Word and can print documents for 10p per sheet

For more information about using computers in the UK, see: Life/Computer/Guide.

There is a public telephone inside Ashlee House which you can use to make UK or international calls. If this is busy, there are other public phones along the road to King's Cross station, or within the station itself.
For a guide to telephones in the UK, see: Life/Telephone.

There is a postbox opposite the hostel (on the other side of the road).
The nearest post office is opposite King's Cross station.
For a guide to postal services in the UK, see: Life/Post.

Bread & Butter: a nearby
internet café & sandwich shop
The Bread & Butter sandwich bar and internet café is only a few minutes' walk from Ashlee House. Its address is 100-102 Judd Street (map). It offers cheap internet access for web surfing or sending e-mails (you can use Japanese/Chinese/Korean characters). You can print, photocopy and use standard software. International calls can be made from the Lucas shop across the road at 93 Judd Street. Hot/cold drinks, sandwiches and warm snack meals are also available at a reasonable price.

Directions from Ashlee House:
Turn right when leaving Ashlee House, then take the second road on the right - Cromer Street. Walk to the end of this road, reaching Judd Street. Bread & Butter is on the right.


The largest/cheapest supermarket is Safeway. It will take you 10 minutes to walk there.
The opening times are: Mon-Sat 08:00-22:00, Sun 11:00-17:00
Turn right when you leave Ashlee House, walk along Gray's Inn Road
Turn right into Sidmouth Street (the fourth road you cross)
Walk straight along the road until you reach some traffic lights.
Turn left into Hunter Street, and cross the road.
Follow the raised path which runs parallel to Handel Street (on your left is a building called O'Donnell Court), until you see the shopping centre (the Brunswick Centre) on your left. Safeway is on the left.

There are some small shops open nearby which are open until late. There are several fast food restaurants nearby.
If noise disturbs your sleep, you can buy earplugs from Boots the Chemists, inside King's Cross station.
If you are sensitive to light, bring an eyemask with you (in case your sleep is disturbed when other guests return to your room at night).
If you have a lot of washing, there are several launderettes (laundromats) close to Ashlee House (the last wash is usually at about 8:30pm).
For further information about shopping in London, see: Life/Shopping.

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For further details about UK airports and how to travel from them, see: Travel/Transport/Air.

From London Heathrow airport:
Take the underground train ("Tube") from "Heathrow Terminals 123" or "Heathrow Terminal 4" underground station to "King's Cross" (the line is called the Piccadilly line, shown in dark blue on a map). It takes about 1 hour from the time you leave the arrival area of the airport until the time you can expect to arrive at King's Cross. You may want to buy a 1-day off-peak zones 1-6 Travelcard: it will allow you to use other bus, underground or train services within London on the same day. For further details about London transport, see: Travel/Transport/London.

From London Gatwick airport:
Take the train from "Gatwick Airport" to "St Pancras International". The train station at Gatwick is next to the South Terminal (if you arrive at the North Terminal, take the free shuttle train service to the South Terminal). The journey lasts about 30 minutes. For details of the times and frequencies of services, see:

From Luton airport:
Take the train from "Luton Airport Parkway" to "St Pancras International". The journey lasts about 30 minutes. For details of the times and frequencies of services, see:

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King's Cross station

Look for the sign for "Platform 9 3/4" at King's Cross
Harry Potter's "Hogwarts Express" train left from here
(see: Britain/Films/Potter)

The location is very convenient. The hostel is within a five minute walk of three train stations (it takes 3 minutes to walk to King's Cross and 5 minutes to walk to St Pancras). For information about using trains, see: Travel/Transport/Train.

Underground trains (the Tube)
The nearest Tube (underground train) station is called King's Cross St Pancras. The entrances are next to King's Cross train station. The lines which are served are:
- Piccadilly line (dark blue on a Tube map)
- Victoria line (light blue)
- Northern line (black)
- Metropolitan line (dark red)
- Circle line (yellow)
- Hammersmith line (pink)
For information about using the Tube, see: Travel/Transport/London.

There are many buses in the area around King's Cross station (details are shown at the bus stops). The bus stop just outside the hostel is stop "N", called "Britannia Street" (buses are travelling towards Holloway). This bus stop is served by buses 17, 45, 46, 63, 259 or night bus N63. For information about using London's buses, see: Travel/Transport/London.

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Guide to booking a bed at hostels: Shop/Company/BookHostels
Entertainment in London: Life/Entertainment/London
Transport in London: Travel/Transport/London
Finding long-term accommodation in London: Life/Accommodation/London

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