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It may be wise (and cheaper) to book accommodation before you travel, especially at busy times of the year and in places which are holding a local festival.
The websites of the tourist boards or of local tourist information centres usually provide lists of accommodation in the area.
If you are using public transport to travel, remember to ask about the best way to reach the accommodation once you have arrived in the area.

Hostels are not always very secure, especially if you are sharing a room with other people. You should avoid taking valuables with you, and carry your money with you at all times (it may be wise to take a money belt and to wear this while you sleep), or to use lockers or safes if these are available.

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Hostels are a cheap type of holiday accommodation, or short-term accommodation after first arriving in the UK. Often rooms are shared with other people, although private rooms are sometimes available as well.

To find and book an independent hostel in the UK, click: here
(for a step-by-step guide to this booking process, see: Shop/Company/BookHostels)

One cheap, centrally located hostel in London is Ashlee House. For full details, see: Travel/Accommodation/Hostel/AshleeHouse.

Youth hostels in the UK belong to one of the associations below. You can usually book a room using the association's website:
English & Welsh Youth Hostel Association:
Scottish Youth Hostel Association:
Irish Youth Hostel Association:
You need to become a member of one of the associations before you can stay at a youth hostel, but if necessary you can join at the reception desk of one of the larger hostels. Show your ISIC card at the reception desk, as this may allow you to receive a discount.

YHA Accommodation Guide to England and Wales
Publisher: Youth Hostel Association
Date: January 2005
The Independent Hostel Guide 2005
(independent hostels in Britain, plus some in Europe)
Author: Sam Dalley
Publisher: Backpackers Press
Date: February 2005

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To find and book an independent hostel in Europe (or elsewhere), click: here
For a step-by-step guide to this booking process, see: Shop/Company/BookHostels

Many youth hostels in Europe are part of the group Hostelling International:

Cheap Sleeps Europe
(hostels and other cheap accommodation in Europe)
Author: Katie Wood
Publisher: Robson Books
Date: January 2005

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